With Xian and Jason DaSilva in mind, I aimed at developing an application that uses hands-free technologies to assist in communication.

With different solutions in mind, I concentrated on a hands-free translator application that would aid in language translation using voice entry and developed HFTranslator.

This would assist Xian and Jason to interact with people who speak other international languages.

Basically, HFTranslator is a multipurpose application that not only can it be used for language translation by voice entry, but also can be used to compose and send SMS by voice and to make calls hands-free.

The key application features are:

  1. Hands-Free translation: Translation of voice entry

  2. Compose and Send SMS using voice entry

  3. Search contacts and make voice calls hands-free

  4. Incoming SMSl voice alerts

  5. Incoming call voice alerts

  6. Incoming notifications voice alerts

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