There have been many stories in the news recently about miscommunications between police and civilians that have often resulted in violence and even death. We wanted to help prevent such incidents and protect civilians.

How it works

Users can enter their location from a drop down menu that will eventually include all 50 states. Then the different tabs will display the user's rights for different scenarios such as when they are pulled over, confronted on the street, or have police at their door. The rights displayed will be specific to the laws in that user's state.

Challenges I ran into

At the beginning, we were trying to figure out which platform would work best and did not understand how to use any of the platforms. We solved this by having a mentor guide us through Appcelerator. We also had difficulty with some of the syntax, and so we would look up our problem and test new code until we got our app to do what we wanted. Another challenge was looking up all of the applicable laws because these laws were not easily accessible in many cases.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It was very difficult to get pictures that could be used on the different tabs. Many of the pictures we found were black and so they would not show up. Editing the pictures and finding a way to upload them without needing a local file was a very big accomplishment for us.

What I learned

Our entire team became more familiar with XML, a language none of us had ever used previously and how to connect our code to an actual phone to test the app.

What's next for Hands Up

In the future, we want the rights to be able to change based on location entered and for the drop down menu to include all 50 states. Additionally, we would like to include the specific laws and bills that explicitly state these rights so that police are more likely to believe civilians when they try to defend themselves.

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