We would like people with visual disabilities to enjoy the same kinds of entertainment that normal people have in this world of technology.

What it does

Without even looking at the screen, people can play our game, where each round the player is given 4 numbers, and they need to try to get 24 using addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Their game statistics such as time taken and success rate will be stored in our database and for their caregivers (teachers, doctors, etc.) to review and analyse.

How we built it

In the front end, we use react-native to build our mobile app for players, and react to build our website for statistic analysis. In the back end, we use node.js and express.js, with a database built by cockroachDB

Challenges we ran into

Debugging front end. It performs differently on simulator and real device.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We manage to get all three parts working, and it is a fun and meaningful project.

What we learned

Build app using react-native, build website using react, build database using cockroach.

What's next for Hands-on

We would like to put it on AWS, and publish.

Built With

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