In times of the #coronaviruspandemic, cutting down on touching our faces will help #flattenthecurve. I developed a simple tool to help you stop touching your face. Whenever you you raise your hands above the shoulder line, the tool will sound the alarm by tracking your hands in real-time through your webcam. Try it right now in your #browser!

Live Demo: Code:

Directly based on #PoseNet, one of the many #opensource #artificialneuralnetworks released by #googleai.

In 2015, a Sydney university observed medical students on video and recorded how many times they touched their faces. Each of the 26 participants touched their faces an average 23 times per hour.

Nearly half of those times -- 44% -- involved contact with their eyes, nose or mouth.

WirVsVirusHack 0028_Kreativer Gesundheitsschutz: Welche kreativen Lösungen für Gesundheitsschutz brauchen wir zusätzlich?

Challenge ID 0641

Built With

  • artificialneuralnetwork
  • html5
  • javascript
  • konditioning
  • magic
  • posenet
  • tensorflow.js
  • webaudioapi
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