Just want Alexa to be like Jarvis in Iron Man

In windows 10 we have Cortana, which you can talk to her by using the microphone in your computer. Cortana's abilities is to search for things on your computer and internet. But, she is stuck on your Windows 10 computer and you can't share the love with previous windows versions. Now you can use your personal assistant, Alexa, from your Amazon Echo to control your computer with your voice!

I built this program using using Alexa Skill Kit and Amazon Web Service apps, Lambda and SQS. I also used Visual Studios to make an windows program to connect the machine to the AWS apps.

Finding out how to do this hack was hard. like extremely hard. With this being my first hack, you can imagine how lost i was at some points. There was no googling it... I was asking questions all weekend by going to the Alexa and Microsoft booths.

I am so proud that this is my first hackathon and first hack. This hack is so cool and I love that veteran hackers are even impressed with my hack.

I have learned a ton about what Alexa can do. The possibilities are endless with her. The AWS apps are so simple and easy to understand. I now know how to use visual studios and it isn't a waste of space on my computer anymore

Right now in this 36 hour hackaton I can only open certain websites and notepad. But, the future is to have Alexa convert what you are saying into a message to SQS and have the windows application grab that message. Another thing is to implement command prompt commands to ask the computer to do hardware tasks like volume control, screen brightness, sleep mode, or simply turn off the computer.

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