WellStar Health System and CN2 Technology are partnering to develop a hands-free augmented reality system to support healthcare equipment procedures. There are many different pieces of equipment used in emergency and triage environments that require healthcare professionals to follow strict procedures for setup and usage. The chest pump is one of many such systems that includes electrocardiogram monitors, ventilator machines and intravenous drug delivery. CN2 Technology proposes to develop an application for the Moverio BT-200 that augments and extends the existing paper-based setup and usage documentation. The application will use computer vision to track the Atrium chest pump and present stereoscopic labels, videos and animations onto the actual chest pump. The proposed application functions include chest drain setup (connecting patient tube, adjusting pressure level, etc.), chest drain operation (suction bellows monitor, high negativity release valve) and drain features (vaccum indicator, collection chamber).

When you launch the app, you can use the cursor to select either Instructions or Setup. Selecting "Instructions" will provide several slides outlining how to use the app. If you select "Setup", you will begin the AR experience. The app will guide you to look at the Atrium chest pump and step back 1 meter after you attain tracking. It will then prompt you asking if the model is aligned. If it is not, you should run the calibration app. If it is aligned, you will then see overlaid AR instructions for setting up the chest pump. On step 5, if you step closer to the pump, you will see an x-ray view inside the pump's suction control regulator.

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