This might sound selfish but the idea of a handwritten document generator first struck me when I was thinking about how I could make something to improve my own life. Personally, I have slaved away countless hours just mindlessly copying from online articles only to upload a scanned version of the handwritten material later. This has always struck me as absurd and illogical and as effort just for the sake of it. It has no meaning and is simply a waste of time. So I sought out to automate this process as this hackathon seemed like the perfect opportunity (i.e excuse) to build it, as I myself do not possess the necessary skills to build the entire thing. I roped in three of my college mates and convinced them to build it with me. This was when I wasn't even sure such a thing could be possible. Then I stumbled across some other people's work on the same subject, such as Alex Grave's paper and a github repo of theSage21 who used an api of a service built by Alex Graves which is now broken. However I wanted an intuitive tool which was self sufficient and was easy to set up and use. My teamates understood this and did an amazing job both training the tensorflow model and designing the vibe of the site, neither of which I am smart enough to do. Most of the gui is vanilla css and bootstrap cooked together by my friend Rithwik. Towards the end I struggled to seamlessly link the django frontend with my python scripts that acted as a bridge to tensorflow. But somehow towards the end of the marathon all the coffee was churned successfully into working code. And regardless of whether we win anything, I am proud both of our brainchild, handright.

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