At events like Hack the North, we often meet really cool people only to never speak to them again. Handquake automatically exchanges basic contact information when two people shake hands. This will save people from the inconvenience of pulling out business cards, or phones in the middle of an engrossing conversation.


Usage is simple--just shake hands with someone. At least one of you needs to wear a Pebble in order to get connected. Pebble will record the time, GPS coordinates, physical orientation, and motion signature of your handshake to determine exactly who you just met.

If you don't have a Pebble that's okay: simply remember where and/or when you shook hands with the person you want to connect with. Then, tell Handquake where you met via Handquake's website, and then Handshake's wit.ai powered language processing will figure out exactly you met.

In the process of creating Handquake we used a variety of both novel and proven technologies, ranging from the Pebble smartwatch's brand new compass API, released 2 days ago, to the well-trodden paths of Ruby and Rails.


Handquake will benefit your life by removing the need to pull out your business card or phone in the middle of a conversation. Handquake will be a valuable and useful contribution to the world, and as such we hope to improve Handquake by adding new features as well as making existing ones more robust.

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