Reality Ministries offers numerous programs and events, which are attended by over 400 active participants and volunteers. However, less than 5% drive themselves, meaning people tend to have difficulty finding reliable transportation.

What it does

Our app, HandOff, offers a ridesharing/carpool service with many other features, including a community messaging platform. This application also consists of an event planning and heat-mapping feature to get a live count of the number of volunteers at a location. We have chosen the following features to implement during our development cycle of 12 hrs today and some features have been left for future upgrades.

•Choose locations to volunteer

•Volunteer to share rides with fellow volunteers

•Choose your ride as per location

•Vehicle Tracking and live location updates

•Request a ride from community members

•Heat map to show places to volunteer

•Events planner

•Community creation and status updates

How I built it

First, collectively, we made a mockup of the app to determine how the app would function and the features it would include. From there, we split into teams for the front-end, back-end, and mockup. The back-end team found and incorporated different APIs to implement the numerous features our app provides. The front-end team started front-end programming using various bootstraps. Starting from the home page, they planned and implemented each section. From there, they created linked pages such as the login page, the registration page, and the driver/rider profiles. Finally, we linked the backend to the frontend and registered a domain name to host our website.

Challenges I ran into

•Making the Heatmap

•Many members of our team had little experience with web dev work

•Integrating systems

•Linking the backend to the frontend

•Navigating APIs (getting access, integrating APIs, finding the right API)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

•Having a working webapp

•A polished and well-designed prototype

•Integrating new APIs

•Creating a thorough roadmap to prioritize what we should work on

What I learned

Many members of our team were new to web development, so a lot had to be learned on the fly. Many new APIs were investigated and utilized, and we learned to register and host a website.

What's next for Handoff

• Integration with external volunteers

• Live updates about driver location

• Planning and marketing events on the platform

• Scaling and sharing the product with fellow non-profits

• Developing internal sponsorship channels to accept donations

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