We have been moving towards everchanging day to day lifestyles where online is the new way of doing most things. The world already experienced the need of getting things done digitally to ease the travel hassle, avoid people waiting in long queues, spending long hours searching for best services nearby. This surfaced an idea of bringing the most required services to the customers and provide the best marketplace to provide home installations, house maintenance and repair services, as well as beauty and wellness services to anyone who is in need of it. This one stop shop of services benefiting customers to get the reliable and highly rated services from the convenience of their home, also this gives businesses a way to build their customer base and gain consistent business.

What it does

Handily, services at your doorstep as we call it, provides marketplace gig for major home, beauty and wellness related services by selecting the service one needs from top-rated service providers and at the time and place they need it. One can choose any number of services like home repairs, cleaning, salon, party organizers, and many more. They can book appointments and schedule time for the visits.

How we built it

A great idea needs determination, hard work, skills, and the right platforms to turn it into reality. To build this application I have used platforms and APIs spread across different technology stacks. I have used Quickbase, Square APIs/ SDK, Salesforce, Twilio, and UI/UX tools.

Challenges we ran into

I worked on this solution alone so bandwidth was a challenge for me, I was motivated to this forward and kept myself moving forward. There were few issues while integrating with the APIs, but access to sandbox and detailed documentation for APIs helped to integrate my application with Square APIs conviniently.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud of bringing a concept to reality which will help small business to keep up and grow their customer base. I am looking for happy customers to receive the service they need at affordable prices and be able to choose services they need with comfort and trust. I am proud to build the application using different Square APIs, Salesforce hosting on the cloud, and working rigorously to achieve the goal.

What we learned

I have learned a lot from this development, firstly integration of APIs in my application, secondly thinking out of the box solution for the need of the hour, and finally scope to improve by learning from the challenges faced. Implementing Ideas becomes less challenging if we selecting the right APIs and the right platforms. Square APIs have helped me to plug many important features that I wanted in my application.

What's next for Handily

Onboard as many locations and services that can be provided to the customers and help businesses flourish. Additionally, use as many Square API's I can to integrate with the application to make it more robust and maintainable.

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