Crowd Sourcing Humanitarian Relief

Hand in Hand is a platform that connects individuals directly to relief organizations with maximum transparency


With the decrease in government aid, more and more people rely on donations after a natural disaster strikes. However, people often donate items that are not needed, which creates more logisitcal challenges[1] and delay in aid[2].

Our platform solves this problem with transparency by combining registries with relief organizations. Anyone who visits the site can pick a specific site and see the items most needed by the victims. They can choose to contribute online through Amazon Smiles or monetary donation; or they can donate items locally to their nearest relief organization site.

User Stories

The following required functionality is completed:

  • [X] User can view current disasters as pins on a globe
  • [X] User can select a pin/location to contribute
  • [X] User can select item or monetary donation

The following optional features are implemented:

  • [ ] Individual Profiles for Donors and Relief Organizations
  • [ ] Live tracking of relief funds/items to actual site of disaster


Challenges encountered while building the app.

  • filtering data to include relevant natural disasters around the globe
  • difficult to query the natural disaster data after appending to the map
  • got suspended on the arcgis website without warning and had to remake our webmap from scratch
  • difficult to find disaster data with latitude/longitudes
  • difficult to find disaster data that included impact radius or number of people affected

API, Libraries, etc.


Built With

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