Give & Take is a web application built to tackle a problem that many people in unfortunate circumstances face today. Currently many people are in need of resources such as clothing and food, and on the opposite end of the spectrum many people have too much stuff that they would be glad to offload onto others. Give & Take tackles this problem by providing an intermediary application that connects someone who can give with someone who needs an item thus benefiting both of them. Sharing is Caring.

Our Stack

Our application was built using AngularJS for the front-end and ExpressJS + NodeJS for the back-end. The obvious victims like HTML + CSS were also used to develop the website.


Our app has some pretty cool features such as:

  • In-house authorization: we don't use third party libraries to handle our authorization, ensuring users know that their data isn't going anywhere unsafe
  • In-app messaging: instead of using a third party like email where users can send messages to each other, users can stay in the same app and message others to request the items they want and protecting their personal info as a result
  • Personal security: safety of users is important and as a result we use circles instead of markers to display a users location so not everyone can go and find a user's address. It is up to the user to determine if they wish to give their address to a requester thus leaving their safety in their hands
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