During the Covid19 crisis:

• Grandparents are isolated. • Parents are working from home. • Children cannot go to school.

But What happens for kids from 3 of 6 years old ?

Why kids from 3 of 6 years old ?

• They need supervision (but parents work) • They need interaction to learn (But cannot spend 4h/day in front of a screen .) • How to use Digital technologies to bridge the gap without adding more passive screen time ?

Use the phone as an interactive tool to learn and interact with distant peers: Grand parents, teacher, friends....

Phone gyroscope and Augmented reality allow child to interact with hands movement and body movement to answer challenges initiated by distant peers.

##Advantages :

• Use the phone as active device to learn not passive screen. • Child can interact with Grand parents without keyboard. • Child use it in autonomy minimal supervision from the parent • Create close connection between grand parents who sent the challenge and grand child, without parents involved. • Can be use for preschool teacher for full interactive learning tool using new technologies without adding more screen time.

What's next for Hand Check

Preschool teacher can use it to create new educational interaction which doesn't involve more screen time and ask for movement interaction.

Artistic, math, quizz, dance, musique activities can be developed which such interactive tools tool for child.

With the help of augmented reality, to interact with the child and the movement and voice, pattern recognition, machine learning OCR for the child to interact ** with the teacher the possibilities are **huge.

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