We looked to existing language building card games. We wanted to figure out a way where we could learn words from a new language, but have a blast while doing so.

What it does

Our game offers a inventive way to learn new Japanese words while exercising your cognitive abilities.

How we built it

The game was programmed in its entirety in Unity. The art was drawn up on Photoshop and other miscellaneous drawing programs.

Challenges we ran into

We were overambitious in thinking about what we could accomplish in a 24 hour period, being used to the typical 36 hours of other Hackathons. There were mishaps with trying to get the cards to randomize in a way where it was efficient and workable. Programming the logistics of managing large amounts of card data was a challenge in itself.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to work around our challenges in both the programming aspect and the art. Taking it all the way to the last hour we never gave up even when we were faced with problems that seemed above us. Our programmers were able to come up with a solution to their challenges by continuously working through trial and error.

What we learned

We have a newbie programmer who benefited immensely from this Hackathon. There was a plethora of challenges that we able to complete because of our team effort. We learned that communication was a key factor into our success, and being patient with one another as there were many people on different levels of experience.

What's next for HanaBee

We hope to further perfect this concept and develop a fun way of learning words. Eventually branching off to implementing other languages as options.

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