Hampshire College Hackathon Spring 2016

I developed Barrel - A management resource system for both logistics and energy acting as both a life hack and an app for environmental stability. Barrel will record what you purchase and what you use. If you increase you consumption or are low on a product, Barrel will be sure to notify you. You can get a business report saying overall whether you organization and purchases of items were positive or negative.

In the energy management system, you can input electronics to be plugged in and charged. When they are done charging, Barrel will notify you to unplug them and will tell you how much energy you lost. You can get an energy report saying overall whether your energy use was positive or negative.

The positive and negative sentiment analysis was done by Indico. Realizing that disjoint systems could display a status by using sentiment analysis was intriguing, so I added a small development starter which has a bounded energy thread and a generalized SentimentReport.

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