Meet Hammertime.

Hammertime is your companion in the morning. When you have trouble waking up, Hammertime's eco-friendly, dropout-powered interface will get you up and ready in no time.

By employing state-of-the-art hammer technology, cutting edge 1990s speaker innovations, and mobile technology, Hammertime strikes you into submission whenever you refuse to wake up. After all, negativity is the enemy of disruption.

Hammertime, summarily, is an alarm clock. Hammertime realizes that your inability to wake up is a cornerstone of your lifestyle as a non-morning person. Ultimately, Hammertime, with an online data visualization of your sleeping patterns, a clean mobile interface, and a powerful physical presence, wakes you up - every time, all the time.

Stop. Hammer time.

Team Hammertime

Gilad Penn Jan Pazhayampallil Neil Chen Nick Liu

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