I am a traveller. I always find difficulties scheduling a practical plan. In most of cases, people would have a general direction about where to go. But it always need tons more to have a schedule.

What it does

It is a web application that allows users to design their own travel routes by drawing the desired path on the map. Our system would approximate the locations and optimize your plan!.

How we built it

We did a deep integration on the front-end with HTML5 Canvas & Google Map API to get the locations and the path. Then use Amadeus API to further process the informations we collected. We generated a popularity ranking according to the housing options/traffic/number of point of interest. And use that information to generate a customized schedule.

Challenges we ran into

Integration of HTML canvas and Google Map API. A dis-match between the data that we desired through Amadeus and Google could actually provide.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made significant progress on the front end. It works exactly like what we intended at the beginning, though encountered numerous problems in the building process.

We created an aesthetic GUI which users can easily interact with and customize according to their needs.

The data we collected through the system could objectively reflect the popularity of a city(county) according to our knowledge. From Europe to America, the ranking seems pretty reliable according to our needs.

What we learned

Using a API callback system takes a lot of our time, but we did find a way to work it out.

Getting better with reading documentation across different APIs and integrate them together.

What's next for Hamiltonia

More data collections and analysis (e.g. traffic time evaluation, a better spread algorithm) Improve the accuracy of touching. user customization and community building. cross-platform implementation, immigrate to mobile platform.

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