The city of Hamilton faces many challenges with its population as many residents in the older age brackets face issues such as loneliness and depression. Public amenities are extremely under-used by the residents and we strive to change that. How you may ask? Well......

What it does

HamilFun encourages the residents of Hamilton to get out and enjoy public amenities such as public parks in exchange for points which can be redeemed for free passes at all Hamilton public centers. However, by the chain effect caused by social interaction as a result of this app, it encourages all age groups to get out and utilize community resources. In addition, HamilFun shows the user all the nearby attractions, catered to their preference, to maximize interest and reunite the connection between residents and all that their beautiful city has to offer.

How it was built it

25 Hours, A Dozen Red bulls, 1000% of the daily recommended sugar intake, Various StackOverflow Posts, and a little bit of coding. We utilized React Native to create our application allowing it to be compiled for both Android and IOS, along with this, we used a decent amount of HTML and CSS to envision what our final application would look like and pen down new ideas along the way.

Challenges we ran into

Two words: REACT NATIVE. This tool offers wonderful application support and is a go to for such projects. The only down side is the complex coding and difficulty to become proficient with this tool. We had difficulty when it came to making components that had to contain certain API's such as the Snap Kit.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are super proud that we were able to create an entire app that is feasible and could actually exist in the current situation we live in. The app works and clearly portrays our concept, something which we feel could bring tangible change to the city of Hamilton and its public amenities.

What we learned

For one, we became far better at React Native, but we also learned both collaboration and independent work skills. For a lot of the Hackathon, we worked together using each others ideas to further our project, but many times the project called for some independent work where each team member contributed their own unique skills to the project to make it better. Not only did we learn that, but we became aware of the many challenges the beautiful city of Hamilton faces and the ideas that we are coming up with now, if hopefully implemented in the near future, could really help reform the city and make it and even better area for all people.

What's next for HamilFun

We plan on taking our app and seeing who may be interested in it and the technology we used. Our goal is to somehow implement this application into the city and get more targeted data that isn't available publicly to make our app even more accurate.

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