All of us, as developers, understand that we are supposed to be social creatures. Therefore, we stay at home on our computers coding and chatting with people via Facebook messenger. Developers naturally work together on hacks and discuss code, but Facebook messenger doesn't allow us to utilize both a slick chatting application and an easy interface for sharing and discussing code.

What it does

To tackle this problem, our dev cyborg integrates multiple developers tools into Facebook messenger via a bot. This bot stays in your developers group chat and helps you keep track of hacker news, tasks, highlight syntax, and github repo information.

How we built it

We used Node.js and an unofficial Facebook messenger API to create a bot that would autonomously take commands and display the necessary information.

Challenges we ran into

Most of our group had little experience with Node.js and even less with the messenger API. Of course, coding in a language that you are not familiar with certainly increases the difficulty.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Most of all accomplishments, creating a useable framework for a messenger bot was an incredible feat we are proud of. Not only were we able to create a messenger bot with built-in developer tools, we also developed a fully functional messenger bot framework for any nerd-friend to clone and make their own.

What we learned

Most palpably, we have a greatly expanded understanding of Node.js syntax and especially, its uses.

What's next for HalTheDevCyborg

We want more integration with other APIs as well as increased scope of functions within the current APIs. For example, the bot can currently view github repos and commits, but cannot do more than view. In the future, we would hope to expand its uses and capabilities.

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