In this era of technological advancements, we often fail to secure the safety of women in our society. Every day and every minute some women of all walks of life (a mother, a sister, a wife, young girls, and girl baby children) are getting harassed, molested, assaulted, and violated at various places all over the globe. Areas like streets, public spaces, public transport, etc have been the territory of women hunters. According to the statistics, it is found that a woman is raped in India every 20 minutes.

The above mentioned is a worldwide problem, some way or the other women are being harassed. We cannot change the rotten apples of our society overnight through technology, but we can surely bring this issue forward to the good apples who can take the necessary steps to prevent such cases, help the one in need, and also punish the offenders. Technology can support the ideas we bring, but we need to apply those ideas in our society. That's why we made Hally!

What it does

Nowadays, self-defense techniques are not just enough for self-protection. A reliable, smart measure is required to ensure safety or protection from danger on the fly. Thus we have chalked out an impressive measure to thwart such menace which would perhaps not eradicate the matter but do a great deal to that extent. Presenting Hally — Her personal Ally!

Hally is an Android app mainly designed for self-protection! It's mainly targeted to females but also fulfills the need for everyone in danger! It's a smart, stable & an easy solution to send distress to the near ones in the state of danger. With that Hally also promises to provide absolute privacy to it's users & the best part is that users can rely on it on worst to worst scenarios & Hally won't turn them down!

How we built it

We've used the following technologies for building Hally,

  • Android Studio
  • Firebase Authentication
  • Firebase Firestore
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging
  • Firebase Cloud Function
  • Flash, SMS Messaging

Challenges we ran into

When we were ideating the project, we wanted this app to be as secure as possible. Since we are taking the realtime location of everybody, we had to be extra careful. We solved this challenge by keeping everyone's location private to their phones only. Whenever someone presses the "distress" button, only their location is publicly shared. Since everyone else is subscribed to this public repository of distressed people's locations, our app calculates the distance between this client and the one in the problem. And last but not least, collaborating virtually is quite challenging, but we've made it! :D

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of finishing the project on time which seemed like a tough task as we started working on it quite late due to other commitments and were also able to add most of the features that we envisioned for the app during ideation. And as always, overnight working was pretty fun! :)

What I learned

A lot of things, both summed up in technical & non-technical sides. Also not to mention, I enhanced my googling and Stackoverflow searching skill during the hackathon 😆

What's next for Hally

We're going to go through many changes & planning to add the following updates to the project in the future,

  • Enhancing Cell Triangulation Feature
  • Accurate GPS positioning
  • Improved Security
  • Adding more system themes

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