It's October. There will be a lot of Halloween parties next week, and everyone needs a costume.

What it does

It generates entertaining costume ideas from lists of nouns and adjectives.

How I built it

I wrote a method to generate random word combinations, and then another to check for repeats and output an idea.

Challenges I ran into

I started learning code less than two months ago, so I needed help learning the correct syntax and functions that I needed to create an array and read text files. I also had to find an error that occasionally caused the program to output fewer words than expected, and figure out how to prevent the program from outputting the same idea twice.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I made a program that works!

What I learned

I learned how to work with arrays and text files, and how to format code so that it is easy to read.

What's next for Halloween Costume Idea Generator

I will show it off to my friends.

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