Curious to learn how Alexa conversations works and while brainstorming for ideas, keeping the the current pandemic situation in mind, created Halloween at Home make families get some fun movements with Halloween Characters!

What it does

Halloween is always fun for all! Though we are at home, let's try make it more fun and get in to action with some special Halloween creatures.

It's so simple and let's create characters just by Voice!! Remember, Get ready to move and have fun with some of our all-time favorite Halloween characters!!

User could able to make choices of size and how active the creature would be and if it needs to be silly or happy! Finally they reveal their mystery character and a special details about it and we can have fun, pretending to be the one!

How I built it

Learnt Alexa Conversation using Pet-Match Tutorial and created my version of Halloween at Home!

Challenges I ran into

I tried adding images and audio effects for each and every characters. But I couldn't able to resolve the issues and make it work. So finally ended up in creating a text only version.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finally, I could able to reveal mystery character by making a conversation with Alexa!

What I learned

How to create dialog, arguments, defining respective apis, responses and make alexa conversations work.

What's next for Halloween at Home!

Try to incorporate sound effects and APL for the characters and movements.

Built With

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