Safety is one of the biggest concerns of the Halloween seasons. A lot of kids want to go with their friends to unfamiliar neighborhoods, leading many parents to worry about their kids' safety. We wanted to alleviate this worry, and make Halloween safer and more fun for all.

What it does

The Hallow-help app tracks trick-or-treaters' location to provide nearby dangers such as construction sites, dead ends, no lights, and dogs. The app also provides real-time updates of nearby house availabilities for candy.

How I built it

We built it using Android Studio. First, we used Android's geocaching functions to find the user's current location, by finding his/her coordinates. Then, we built an input screen for the user to add the types of dangers for their current location, which would add a marker to the generated Google Map. Then, we created an UI using Sketch, implemented a database for profiles in the app,

Challenges I ran into

...everything lol

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of our UI design.

What I learned

Everything was new, we started from scratch. Zero knowledge on how to create an android app. We learned how to navigate and create an Android Studio and to create a blueprint for the app through Sketch. We also learned how to create a database through mySql.

What's next for test

We want to be able to implement the UI into Android Studio for a full functioning app and to add more features.

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