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The problem your project solves:

Faster & Better Access to Liquidity in the Crisis: Businesses are closed due to COVID-19 Actions, without Revenues they need Bridge Financing to Preserve the Liquidity.

  • Loans are pure Debt, excessive Borrowing is weakening the Business Resilience in the Future.
  • Bringing Documents to the Bank Branch is a potential risk of Infection, a Disease of the Entrepreneur weakens the Business in Restarting after the Crisis

The solution you bring to the table

Solution: Online Branch, Virtual Assistant & Digital Document Handling on Approved Bank-Standards - Meetings via Videoconferencing on "Bank-Standard-Secure" Servers

Benefit 1: Document Exchange with Banks online to speed up the Loan Application Benefit 2: Online Process helps avoiding unnecessary physical contacts Benefit 3: Virtual Assistant SOPHIA knows what Banks need to speed-up the Application Benefit 4: SOPHIA knows the Equity Criteria for Business and advises Equity & Mezzanin Instruments as Well + Connects to Alternativ Financing Platforms

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