We often have to travel great distances before meeting our friends and sometimes you wish you could just meet halfway so that everyone travels the same distance. Easier planning is a necessity for large group of friends and this app is the best tool to do it.

What it does

Halfways is an app that finds the nearest park between a group of people. Useful filters can be added to find the best park you need for your activity, such as : picnic tables, benches, drinking fountains, skateparks, playgrounds, etc. The best parks found are marked as green while other interesting parks are marke yellow. You can see further information about the park and its perks clicking on the found parks.

How we built it

We used angular 5 and material-ui as our core front-end to have a quick and classic user interface. We also used open street map api to gather useful geodata. Our map is interactive and uses the leaflet javascript library.

Challenges we ran into

Using openstreetmap data for the first time was quite a challenge, however useful tools such as overpass turbo helped us query the data more easily and gather the data we needed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our main accomplishment is creating an app that we ourself will use afterward. We're hoping our user will have similar needs as ours and see the potential it can bring to discover a bit of your community, while easing the process of meeting up.

What we learned

We learned that data is very accessible and open. It enabled us to bring a lot of values to people. It's very easy to generate ideas when you have the data right in front of you.

What's next for Halfways

We would like to push the concept to bars, restaurants, shopping malls, sport fields and touristic spots. To moneytize the app, we will put in place a system where companies can buy an advantage in our filtering algorithm so they're most likely to be suggested as a point of interest. We also envision complimentary ads based on selected filters.

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