At this hackathon, people come from all over the country to bond over our uniting factor: girls in tech. The bonds formed at Technica are irreplaceable - the joy elicited from developing a creative idea, the night-long collaboration and reaching "ah-ha" moments - they last a lifetime. When these friends want to have a reunion, they often will want to meet at a place close to halfway between the two. That's why we created Find Restaurant: to find a nice restaurant around the midpoint of two friends.

What it does

"Find Restaurant" finds the closest restaurant to the address you enter in.

How we built it

Using the Google Home Actions developer, we created this "Action" to interact with the user via Google Assistant, providing a hands-free interaction with the computer.

Challenges we ran into

Our unfamiliarity with the developer interface and lack of proficiency in Javascript provided complex challenges, however we quickly adapted to the new environment to produce the Action.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud that we were able to integrate the Yelp API with the Google Home Developer Console. We're also proud that we were able to grasp the Developer interface and new programming language within 24 hours.

What we learned

We learned how to make our first Google Home Action, which can be accessed via Google Assistant on an Android device in addition to the Google Home AI. We also learned Javascript within the course of the hackathon.

What's next for Find Restaurant

Next, Find Restaurant would determine the location around which to find a restaurant halfway between you and a friend. It would also integrate not only restaurants, but also entertainment venues, sightseeing attractions, and other common meetup activities.

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