Our inspiration comes from trying to organize a meeting between some friends, many of us whom were spread out across Toronto. We wanted a quick and easy way to find a meeting place which was a viable distance from everyone that we could meet at. From that simple problem stemmed the idea that eventually grew into HalfWay.

How it works

Halfway is a friend-group organization app designed to determine an optimal meeting location based on the locations and preferences of multiple people. Halfway takes in the locations of multiple users who want to meet up. It then takes in the type of venue that they want to meet up at whether that be a restaurant, cafe, movie-theater or another location. From there it recommends venues in the selected category which minimizes distance traveled for all the participants.

Challenges we ran into

A lot of the APIs proved more difficult for our team to use then expected, Google's and Facebook's APIs in particular. On the suggestion of one of the mentor's, we eventually chose to use parse rather than Facebook's API a decision which helped a lot.

What's next for Halfway

We want to touch up the app a lot and add some additional features in the future. HalfWay, while in working order, still has ways to go!

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