Sharing Economy

The sharing economy is the peer-to-peer based activity of obtaining, giving, or sharing access to good and services. With this project we aim to bring the possibility of sharing internet access to the people, in hopes of making it easier to connect to the internet in all kinds of situations.


With the apparition and rising of Blockchain technology, sharing is made easier, more secure and transparent.

Freeing the Internet

When travelling away from home, it is difficult to find quality internet spots to connect your device to. Sometimes we are on a limited data plan and don't want to spend megabytes. It is hard to download big files away from home from your portable device. We aim to make internet access easier when away from home.

What it does


Set up a hotspot to be able to share your wifi with the world and get paid in pineapple tokens.

Half Pineapple

Mobile App that allows anybody to use pineapple hotspots in exchange for their pineapple tokens.


An Initial Coin Offering will take place to put all the pineapple tokens in circulation and start the sharing revolution.

How we built it

To enter half pineapple the user has to create a NEM account and open it on their phone.

The next thing a user has to do is purchase some pineapple tokens, which are the currency payed in exchange for wifi. Pineapple tokens are a token on the NEM Blockchain, and can be purchased on the ICO, and later through the app itself.

When a user enters half pineapple, he has the option of connecting to different pineapple hotspots offered by people.

When they find one they want to connect to they just select the time they wish to spend connected and a payment is made directly to the hotspot, then after the transaction confirms the user is granted access for the requested time.

Challenges we ran into and what we have learned

  • Ip tables
  • Captive portal
  • NEM documentation
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