Our original inspiration for this project came from the old text adventures from the 80's. We took that concept and imroved upon it with modern code as well as some very nice ASCII art to improve the visuals. Also we added some random elements to make each adventure different.

What it does

Our program is a Role Playing Game(RPG) text adventure in which the user plays as either a warrior, mage or thief. The user then enters a dungeon where they face several different types of enemies until they come face to face with the legendary minotaur. Once they defeat the minotuar the game greets you with a you win screen

How we built it

We build our RPG game using python. Additionally we imported some basic librarys in python to improve the experience and keep the adventure simple

Challenges we ran into

We ran into some programs getting all of the classes to work together. ASCII art also proved to be more difficult than we anticipated due to the parrentheses conflicting with python. There were some issues with the verying game speed since randint can take some time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of getting our program to be fully functional because it was our first time trying to create a project like this for most of us this was the biggest code we have ever made

What we learned

To create this program we had to learn how to use arrays and classes which we had never used before, plus we had some very interesting errors we had to solve

What's next for Half Life 3

3D graphics.

Built With

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