There are three things that people like. People like looking good, winning, and making money. And with HaleCoin, you can have it all. So Will and Nathaneal here love to program which means they’re more used to pushing buttons than pushing up. So with halecoin, they can set an initial bet of lets say 5 dollars, converted to Halecoin. They decide they want to see who can do more pushups in a month. At the end of the day, an email report is sent to your “enemy” to keep you guys in track.

But why stop at Will and Nathaneal? With Halecoin you can set up teams. Maybe your human resources department, could afford to lose some of their "human resources" and the benvelont boss you are you care about their health. Why stop there?

And the business possibilites are endless. These aren’t virtual points, no they’re an actual currency. You can still buy into it like any other. But because it’s a game, it advertises itself. It wouldn’t be a stretch to start partnerships with health companies. After all, healthcare is a trillion dollar industry

So if you like making money, staying fit, and winning then remember halecoin: Your token exercise of the day.

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