A web browser for the blind.

Halcyon is a cross-platform browser for the elderly and the visually impaired - paired with both automated artificial intelligence and customized human operator service!

With easy controls and voice commands, the user can browse the web by pressing any button on their keyboard and issuing a search request.

But what makes it different?

Halcyon's back-end REST-ful API server handles many services, one of which being webpage analysis, ranking textual content and summaries and providing a pleasing filtered result out of the plentiful information available on a site for the browser to present.

This means that searched terms and website descriptions won't be long blocks of text paragraphs converted to droning speech. We specifically delineated our search data to return shorter summaries and sort information into categories to hint the user into what their searched term is, instead of bombarding them with information. Browsing the web afterwards will also be much simpler.

Additionally, our browser interfaces with Facebook! Through Halcyon, you can log in and get notification information and handle friend requests within the browser.

Why 'Halcyon'?

Halcyon draws upon several sources of inspiration with which it shares its name:

  • A blind, Greek demigod that sees the future and saves lives.
  • A vehicle symbolizing human freedom and persistence.
  • A resourceful and bright-colored bird.

As a team, we saw Halcyon fitting as a name for a tool that can help those who are visually impaired in one way or another. A tool from technology that makes a foothold in the obstacles that current browsers or text-to-speech apps pose for the disabled. A tool that brings support and hope from machine and man alike.

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