Muslim sliving abroad in non-muslim countries , or laybe just soending vzcations their , stuggle ti find Halal food ..and not finding food you enjoy can make both your vacations and your life less enjoyable ! And that's why we thiught of Halal Food app

What it does

It's a mobile app that tells you wether the product you are holding betweeb your hands is halal or not . All you need to do is take a picture of the bzck of the product , where the ingredients list is , our program will turn the ingredients in The picture into text (translate it if needed) and then compare it to a list of haram ingredients already in a set in A database .

How we built it

We used OCR to extract text from the picture . NLP to translate the text if needed . A database of haram ingredients .

Challenges we ran into

The contrast between the color of the ingredients text on the packaging , and the background color of the package. Products with bad packaging .

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Make a clear roadmap towards the implementation of the model

What we learned

We learned more about OCR , NLP , classifications , RAM management

What's next for Halal Food

Hahal food can be developy into a web application , thst is linked to a server holding a lzrge data bzse of the official ingredients used in every product , the data will be collected directly from producers ,through audits or through government's institutions . In addition , every picture ever taken of the same produxt will be used to train our model so that in recognise the product directly without repeating the text extraction process over znd over each time . Furthermore , it will use the bar code to identify the product directly taking less time , each time!

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