Lack of UD alerts for off-campus incidents, and not all students have the LiveSafe app downloaded to their devices. Also, the blue light system can be inconvenient when in an emergency situation, especially when fleeing a scene. Having a “Big Blue Button” for the convenience of reporting an emergency.

What it does

HAKSafety is a website that works with the University of Delaware Alerts System and UDPD to offer a virtual version of the "Blue Light System" with a mobile Blue Button that calls cops to the current location, tracks where your phone goes so cops can follow your trajectory, and also sends a UD alert! The alerts are also modified from the original system to include off-campus events and some level of solutions.

How we built it

Used Typescript, used Canva for images, used VSCode for website implementation.

Challenges we ran into

Specifications in style in Chakra, deploying the GitHub page and getting started with our approach.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making a website in a limited amount of time, our idea is relevant to present and future students, and our group worked together harmoniously.

What we learned

New features in chakra (ex. cards, icon buttons, and select features).

What's next for HAKSafety

We plan on teaming with UDPD, emergency services, etc. to give the most up-to-date and helpful information in our alert.

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