What drove us to work on this project was an issue that we found to be annoying, but prevalent, at hackathons - finding an available space to work. After experiencing this at more than one hackathon, we came to the agreement as a team that this process could be improved. So we took the challenge.

What it does

HacKonneKt streamlines communication between hackathon organizers and participants, and allows participants to efficiently find and select spaces for hacking. HacKonnekt allows administrators to label available rooms and allows participants to signup for rooms online, all while automatically updating participants on room availability in real time. Administrators can also use HacKonnekt can send real time updates and reminders of the hackathon event schedule through our Twilio-based text messaging system.

How I built it

To build this application, we uploaded a pre-filled Google spreadsheet with hackathon registrant information into a MongoDB database using node.js APIs. We then created two interfaces on the front-end, one that is admin-facing and the other is user-facing. We connected our front end and back ends and integrated the Twilio API.

Challenges I ran into

We had trouble integrating the Twilio API with our MongoDB server.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to complete our project and successfully send and receive messages via Twilio.

What I learned

We gained tremendous experience in JavaScript, node.js, and MongoDB - especially Twilio.

What's next for HacKonneKt

Automatically alerting hackathon participants of scheduled events through an algorithm.

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