I saw my nephew watching TV and talking to the characters, as if he really wants to be a part of the show. This motivated me to build hakawati.

Hakawati is an interactive mobile application the presents shows for kids (Puppet shows, animation shows) where the characters interact with the kids by asking questions or getting feedback and in return the kids will respond by choosing the right answer that appear on the screen.

we initiated a puppet shows for a group of kids and we observed the reaction of the kids. Later we built the application based on the feedback of the shows that we did.

The main challenge was to find a suitable content that enhance the intelligence and the social skills of the kids.

what we are proud of that most of the kids who watched the show on the application showed different kid of reactions and engagements.

we learnt that there are different kind of personalities what implies making different kind of shows

what is next for hakawati is to do implementation for what we have learnt so far and to observe the reactions of the kids and based on that we will keep updating and developing it.

in addition to that we are going to consult specialist concerning the content

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