Project Description A network for Hajjij accessible via smart phones or smart glasses (Phase 2). The objective is to support mobility, resource availability and allocation, sustainability, quality of visits and smart Hajj experiences and Using AR, MR, smart glasses and watches to provide a unique Hajj experience and make him guided along his visit. The proposed solution allows Hajj to better communicate and interact with and in Mecca and Madina to establish closer relationships with residents, local businesses, local government and city attractions.

Main Modules in Phase 1: 1- Pre-Hajj VR Trip 1- AR Guide Based on the Hajj location, he can locate the nearest landmarks/attractions, filter and sort by price, quality, distance and reviews, etc. He can know the offers around his location and the services description e.g. restaurant menus, hotels’ prices, etc. Realtime information about whether, currency, traffic status, etc. Smart algorithm to push ads based on location and interests. Data analytics to be used in enhancing the services and pointing out the issues to work on solving.

Enjoy a recorded tour with the AR Guide that help the Hajj with the directions and display prerecorded videos about the history and story of landmarks he is visiting and the correct way to perform Shaaer.

Displaying engaging content which is overlaid onto shaeer different sections and statues e.g. Showing the historical background, informational audios and videos, etc. Smart map that paints lines and directions over phone or smart glass to guide the Hajj.

2- Crowdmeter Avoid crowded areas and recommend best time to go to your target area

3- Keep me connected Connect with the family or the Hajj group using codes. Locate the team members and find directions in case of getting lost. Chat with members of your team. Keep updated with latest news from your group

Open Source Components and APIs Google Maps APIs

What has been created during the Hackathon:

  • The Demo
  • The presentation
  • The brand.
  • Crystalising the idea

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