When we came to KSA to do Umrah, we found lots of challenges in transferring our money to Saudi Riyals and in purchasing with our local dept or credit card. Also, it was difficult and unsafe to hold cash while doing Umrah. For that, we came up with an idea of creating an electronic wallet, that makes the purchasing experience of pilgrims much easier and safer.

What it does

An integrated payment platform, that provides pilgrims with a mobile-based wallet, where pilgrims can:

  • Charge their wallet
  • Transfer money to friends who have hajj wallet
  • Can have a list of all shops and offers near to them with getting direction
  • Pay wherever they go
  • Can make an advanced purchase and pay once they arrived
  • Will have a pointing system to motivate them to continue using it
  • And will have a smart recommender system “based on machine learning algorithm“ that studies their needs and recommend products based on it

And provides vendors with:

  • Digitized point of sales
  • Reduce the Crowding in the place
  • Reduce payment process time and hassle
  • A place where they can list all of their information, products, and special offers

How we built it

The platform consist of the following:

  1. Web, Android and iOS app for the pilgrims: where they can find the nearest shops and make all of their payment processes
  2. An app for vendors with Admin Panel: where they can monitor and manage all of their transactions and contents that appear in the pilgrim's mobile app.
  3. A web-based admin panel for the Hajj Wallet company to manage and view everything.

The system also is integrated with different payment gateways and Google APIs, and the pilgrim's app includes a machine learning recommender system.

Challenges we ran into

  1. There is no much participants have smartphones and a fewer number have a connection to the internet.
  2. Also, the payment methodology needs a reliable financial partner that can handle all of the transactions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of combining our balanced team in the Hackathon that consist of seniors in the field of Web and Mobile development, Machine Learning, UI/UX designing and Business development. We are also proud of finishing within this short amount of time:

  1. A business model
  2. Visual Identity
  3. Mobile and web screens design UI and UX
  4. A demo of pilgrims mobile app in Android
  5. A demo of a web application for pilgrims
  6. A demo of a web application for vendors with Admin Panel
  7. An algorithm of machine learning recommender system.

What we learned

We learned that there is nothing impossible! We formulate our team and dedicated our time then came with a satisfiable output only in 4 days!

What's next for Hajj Wallet

We will seek a seed investment opportunity to make our idea real!


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