During Hajj, many people have the readiness to help others , and many as well need this help, but they can't efficiently meet with each others, hence, we decided to provide a simple service to be useful in this regard considering different languages between individuals

What it does

Hajj Link, provide platform for communication between volunteers who want to help others, and individuals who in need for help, e.g. wheel chair , a ride , an inquiry, etc.

How we built it

Main scenarios: a) a volunteer will register for one or more service as a provider, b) a requester will require a service , app will return the nearest volunteer contacts to start a chat to agree on next actions, c) chat will be based on translation between two parties as very possible that they have different languages, so that first party will read other's response in first party's favorite language

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Code delivered, however competition was during a very tight time
  • UX and App design, provides simplicity and easy navigation, with all needed features


Short in team resources, impacted delivered implementation

Efforts during Hackathon

  • All code written from scratch during the hackathon days.

  • Back-end AWS Lambda functions and APIs to serve accessing database from App.

  • UX and UI screens (including "all" icons)

  • Android App

What's next for Hajj Link

  • Volunteer rating system

Built With

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