We were inspired by the need for detailed data about Hajj, this need came from the ability to understand and predict people's actions in Hajj, Which will impact almost all the problems in Hajj. Also the problem of difference between people in culture, ages and education is pretty much what this project is solving.

What it does

It is trying to collect data about individuals' location in Hajj, to providee big data for the goverment in Hajj to use it with other technologies like Artificial intelligence & Machine learning, and we will give added value for individuals by providing them the ability in Hajj to communicate with their families with zero cost but without any devices and transfer Hajj Journey to be more social as memories on the The Hajji Profile on Web. It is fast and cost effictive way to collect data for goverment and communicate for Hajji.

How we built it

We will create the network of QR readers on pillars in every place throughout the hajj journey, some others (in safe places) will be with feature of record 15 seconds clip to upload it directly on The Hajji Profile and his family can watch it at any time.

Challenges we ran into

Innovate the simplest idea to push individuals to use our system by giving them the added value they need and to create social network that keep there memories in Hajj.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Solving the problem of tracking the people in hajj, and give them a way to communicate with their parents

What we learned

We had got a technical experience, also had a lot of fun and more honored to serve in Hajj.

What's next for Hajj Journey (Data Collection)

Build the algorithms to analyse the data collected and process it by artificial intelligence and machine learning to make more appropriate decisions in the organization of Hajj.

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