Our Inspiration. biodata hajj data .

What it does

  • find your way to your group leader by indicator .
  • Monitor all hajis healthy status and generate report for every health condition .
  • Generate Alarm detect of (body temp above normal - Harte rate above normal - GPS location )
  • Group leader can find all his hajis even if someone has been lost and his health condition and can request assistant from hajis volunteer to help him if there something goes wrong ).
  • All data are accessible through 3 admin panels that can monitor ( health - volunteer - traffic & security ).

  • Admin panels break down :

  • Traffic & security admin panel It can identify congestion sites by ML and can give solution To prevent this from occurring. -Volunteer admin panel this help what is the nearest volunteer for health or SOS condition to save time and fast movement . -Health admin panel all hajis are monitor by doctors in control room so To prevent and help stay in good condition for all hajj time and fast responses for any SOS occurred .

How we built it

Android Studio Google cloud comput Google BigData quarry
Google map api Google android wear GPS load balancer redis nodeJS MongoDB or other real time db
Adobe PS Adobe Ai Adobe XD Prezi

Challenges we ran into

  • Exit / entrance of the Throwing pebbles for every country
  • How you know where you can go in the middle of the big crowd movement
  • every hajj can find his group .
  • can detect bas stop location .
  • find waypoint to the nearest Assembly point.
    -Prevention of sun strikes and drinking water reminder .

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • safety of the every hajj .
  • easy to find your way to your group or bas .
  • help hajj volunteer and hajj responsibility to save time and efforts .
  • make the hajj session more comfortable and pace of mind.

What we learned

Traffic management health Monitoring Time management team work public Networking

What's next for GoHajj

  • Building new hardware to be able Making vibration alert for People with special needs .
  • Adding New features with same cost and maybe less .
  • Make our watch more Comfortable and smarter .
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