People are in hajj for religion, religion is all about faithful communication between people. we enable people to do religion in the best way possible through a booming technology. They might be blind but having an easy process for getting closer to God is a right, not a privilege. We're giving them their rights.

What it does

With Hajj Eye sighted volunteers lend their eyes to solve tasks big and small to help blind and low vision people lead more independent lives and get more deeds. Blind or low vision person requests assistance As a blind or low vision person, whenever you need visual assistance, our volunteers are happy to help. Through the live video call, you and a volunteer can communicate directly and solve a problem. The volunteer will help guide which direction to point your camera, what to focus on or when to turn on your torch. Sighted volunteer receives a video call As a sighted volunteer you can help just by saying hey google I need a volunteer to google assistant. A blind or a low vision user may need help with anything from checking expiry dates, distinguishing colours, reading instructions or navigating new surroundings.

How we built it

We framed the purpose of getting volunteers to help blind people where and why, then We created a DialogFlow agent and trained it on the various conversations that Blind people and Volunteers could make. Then we implemented the live video call in our backend and using Temasys API. And finally, we created Google Assistant Action and Facebook Messenger Chatbot and integrated them with the backend.

Challenges we ran into

-Old people are not updated with new technologies, we solved this challenge by partnering with agencies that plan their packages to save a lot of costs from them of sending a special one with them. -We had difficulties finding and implementing a live video call API and also creating an easy and straightforward conversation for the blind people

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making Hajj journey for blind people easy like never before.

What we learned

We learned a lot about special needs people and what they face during hajj process and how to make a really big impact in specific circles.

What's next for Hajj Eye

Expand vertically to help more people have special needs and service.

Built With

  • ai
  • chatbot
  • dialogflow
  • facebook-messenger-bots
  • google-assitant
  • python
  • webapp
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