I have only been to Hajj once when I was 5. And since then the number of people who attend Hajj has increased dramatically. Every year the Hajj season is up and the government learns from it what to improve and what to do for the next Hajj season. With our service, we would help the people and by their reviews help the government

Here's the whole story

This website was designed to improve the Hajj on both ends; the government's end, and the Hujaj's end. We have used jQuery.js library to add some effects on click or on change, and have used W3.css to make the site responsive and look out for the perfect UI/UX experience.

I have created the whole skeleton structure of the website and then built the functions and designed it. In the future, I have a set of features that are ready to be implemented on the website to improve the experience. This site could also be turned into an app on all platforms.

What is Hajj companion?

Our service is in basic words a guide and a review site/app that can be monitored by the appropriate government departments to improve Hajj and make it easier for everyone.

Once a user registers the site shows a timeline of the Hajj pilgrims and will move along through them accordingly. In this prototype, it will show the timeline without the automated effect. After each pilgrim is done there will be a review form with certain measurements to help improve Hajj.

How I built it

The website was built using HTML,CSS,PHP,javascript and jQuery. Additional libraries such as W3.CSS were used. A code snippet is referenced in the .htaccess file where it was used. This site also connects to a MySQL database to submit the reviews and register users.

Challenges I ran into

I was working on success/error flash messages and I had to figure a way around displaying the message > destroying the session. I've spent two hours until I found a work-around by setting a session containing the message, displaying it. Then I set a session that the message was displayed (a boolean). Then destroy that session.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finishing this website prototype in 2 and a half days on my own.

What I learned

I have gained more experience in responsive sites.

What's next for Hajj companion

Hajj companion will hopefully be improved to have all languages possible so that people can use our service in any language they feel comfortable, we would also introduce iOS/Android apps that would make it easy to access the service from anywhere.

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