To help hajji and make his hajj safe and healthy.

What it does

"Hajj Band" is modular wrist band that the pilgrim wear one or all of its modules to achieve several functions, for example it can help to rapid extraction for medical database record of pilgrim and to make online and history monitoring to pilgrim vital signs (Medical module), to be used pilgrim automatic access control in restricted areas (Access control module), and to help saving the pilgrim from losing his staff, or even from being lost from his pilgrimage guide (Guidance module). "Hajj Band" system consists of electronic "Hajj wrist band", and several web, desktop, mobile applications to communicate with it to achieve its missions. In the view of available time and resources, we selected only Hajj Band medical module to have its early prototype got implemented.

How we built it

Using Arduino Nano the vital sensors data is collected Using ESP32 the hajji biomedical measurements (As a prototype version: Body temperature sensor and heart rate sensor are used but in future work we can add lab on chip for more biomedical analysis
Android App is built to receive from the Arduino the vital signs and GPS data Web App at the server Java program the detect the RFID

Challenges we ran into

  • Time is not enough to implement all your dream but we must try to maximize gain and minimize loses.
  • Hardware and software integration between different tools, manufactures and programming languages. ## Accomplishments that we're proud of Arduino uno : program the check the RFID of the Hajj to give access control ESP32: co Java ## What we learned

What's next for سوار الحج - Hajj Band

increase the Band modules with more biomedical sensor like blood presssure, etc.

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