facilitating the diversity during hajj and umrah , and enable them to communicate easily unifying our diversity

What it does

  • Mobile application that provides real time voice translation to pilgrims different language,
  • Interpreting the signs immediately once capturing it to voice or text
  • Enabling pilgrims to communicate easily during hajj and umrah.
  • Real time voice translation for officers inside the Haram mosque,
  • providing the service of real time text and voice messages to pilgrims ,

How we built it

Via Automatic speech Recognition convert the voice to text then using machine learning to convert text to speech

Challenges we ran into

  • we are working on the boosting the quality of real time voice recognition and image processing

Accomplishments that we're proud of

- Capturing the signs and Interpret it instantly to voice or text with good quality

What we learned

Azure cognitive services , text to speech Microsoft API

What's next for hajj B-052- Mecca Interpreter

Built With

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