During the hail storm a few weeks ago, Leroy's RV got struck by hails. He did not find out until recently and therefore, he went on a trip with his granddaugther with a leaking water tank. It was an unpleasant and dry experience. Therefore, Leroy thought about connecting his RV to the Internet and receiving constant updates on the status of his favorite vehicle. An inventor, he refused to conform to conventional IOT practices. Instead, he gathered a team and sought the most economical method to connect to his beloved vehicle.

What it does

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Hail Nation offers sensors that parse short strings of information through radio frequency onto the Ingenu cloud. From the cloud, using Node-Red, we can either send immediate notification to the client in the form of text message if it’s a normal warning or a phone call in case an emergency that requires immediate attention. We also archive the notifications history. Using information on temperature change or motion detector, clients know when to get a repair or about the security around their vehicle.

How we built it

  1. Chug Red Bull
  2. Configure sensors and try to connect them to the Ingenu network
  3. Fail
  4. Give up on using Ingenu and instead connect sensors to our computer instead for the sake of delivering a demo
  5. Succeed in setting up the sensors and getting responses
  6. Chug more Red Bull

Challenges we ran into

Ingenu is an amazing technology but we had too much trouble configure it in our project. We ended up not using the Ingenu network at all.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finished our demo! The sensors triggered responses to the users. And we completed a pretty badass cardboard RV model too!

What we learned

Though Ingenu offers a simpler Machine Network, it is not necessarily easier to apply. The application of Node-Red in building IOT.

What's next for Hail Nation

We would try to finish integrating our sensors into the Ingenu network. Currently, as most Ingenu configuration is written in Python, we need to find a Python developer to help us be compatible with the technology. After accomplishing a well-functioning model, Hail Nation aims to create values for customers and expand to other services such as provision of evidence for insurance claims.

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