What Rings will you join?


Tim, a fellow friend, shared with us his troubles entering post-secondary education in the midst of a pandemic. Attending a large campus of over 36,000 students, fresh out of high school and uncertain of his future, it has been difficult for him to navigate uni life without the physical presence of other students.

Tim is not the only one.

Studies have shown that over 30% of college students are experiencing depression and anxiety due to Covid-19. ^1 These numbers are still growing.

Relating to Tim's feelings, we wanted to create a sustainable solution to bridge the physical barrier between college students in order to inspire community, friendship and a sense of belonging despite today's isolating conditions.

So we came up with GatherRings to do just that.

What it does

GatherRings helps college students to find rings: people with similar interests.

Just like joining a club on campus, students can use GatherRings to find like-minded folks without the in-person meetup!

Students will create a profile, choose the types of rings they are interested in, be suggested rings in decreasing order of similar interests and then students can swipe left or right if the ring peaks their interest. They can even subscribe to hear notifications of (virtual) GatherRings from their favourite rings.


  • Create a sense of community/belonging
  • Reduce feelings of isolation
  • Discover new communities and individuals
  • Create study groups for certain classes
  • Promote local clubs/circles
  • Increase school engagement and school spirit
  • Increase student retention

How we built it

  • Wireframing: Figma
  • Frontend & Backend: React.js
  • User Creation/Authentication: Firebase Authentication
  • Image Storage: Firebase Storage
  • Database: Firebase Firestore
  • Collaboration: Firebase, Discord, GitHub

Challenges we ran into

  • First hackathon for the majority of the team
  • Defining project expectations and limitations
  • Adjusting to the time constraint
  • Learning the new stack

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Connecting with one another!
  • Discovering a plethora of problems and being creative with solution-making
  • Good communication and teamwork
  • Seeing our data sent from our forms and actually stored in Firebase
  • Retrieving our data from Firebase have it appear in the UI

What we learned

  • React.js
  • Firebase
  • Firestore
  • Authentication

What's next for Team GatherRings?

Creating more technological solutions to address relevant problems!

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