Zoomers tell people you can't make meme generators for hackathons. We make meme generator go brrrr! Inspired by our love of memes we deliver a gift onto society in these troubling times we live in.

The 'haha money printer go brrrrrr' meme has recently taken the meme world by storm and is currently competing for meme of the month on the r/dankmemes subreddit as we write this.

What it does

tl;dr it makes things go brrrrr

Given user input of a term and a choice of sound ("brrrr","nyoooom","wheeee","weewooweewoo", etc.), our project generates a meme of the 'money printer goes brrrr' format by referencing Wikipedia's image database for a relevant picture and uses NLP (NLTK and WordNet) to generate an appropriate caption which is then all bundled together into one image using Pillow for Python which is cross-referenced and stored within our MongoDB Atlas database hosted in GCP.

It also has a "I'm feeling lucky!" button that redirects you to a random meme that has been previously generated by referencing our database.

How we built it

We used Flask with Python to create a front end that takes in the user input and processes it through the method described above and redirects the user to a page with their meme on it.

Challenges we ran into

-Learning to use Flask

-Figuring out the right API to use to get our images and increase image relevance

-How to generate meaningful captions

-Refactoring our database halfway through

-Trying to deploy on Heroku using Gunicorn, the reliance on using local files results a 500 error every time :(

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Not letting our memes be dreams

-Creating something that makes us laugh

-Keeping our NLP skills sharp

-Learning to play with databases

What's next for _ haha hack:now go brrrrrr _




-(also get heroku/gunicorn working)

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