I was inspired by GroupOn. However with GroupOn you still need to keep track of users and deals over a long period. I'd had this idea of inverting that - where instead of the customer going to the deal, the deal shows up for the customer at the right time. It should be just as interesting for the seller since such discounts would also mean a bigger number of orders at the same time. I had the idea lingering for a while and this was a nice chance to implement it.

What it does

It enables square online store managers to easily enable group discounts on their store. Sellers can easily add snippet to their stores connecting by Haggle with Square. It gives them the option to enable pools for their store (effective only on the product pages).
When it is enabled shoppers see a small popup informing them about the pool. They can see pool stats - like number of people in the people and what is the target - and join to try and secure the discount. Pools are created and destroyed realtime as members join and leave. Poolers have to share and wait till the target count is reached. Once the target is reached all pool members get their discount.

How we built it

Nodejs, Vue, MongoDB, multiple libraries

What's next for Haggle

  • Allow customers to talk to others in pool.
  • Allow sellers to create pools with different targets and incentives.

Built With

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