The summers of 2021 reminded us of the cartoons we used to sit and watch with our friends in childhood.

What it does

This project was more of a fun activity for us, that has been built, not with the pressure to win but with pleasure and relaxation, recalling all those memories. Using the skills and knowledge that we had learnt till today, we tried to create and live those olden times once again.

How we built it

This cartoon ‘Hagemaru’ was originally created in Japan, which was given a touch of the language ‘Gujarati’ of our country- India. We put together all our skills on the table and were set to, this time not just watch it on the television but code the cartoon ourselves. After adding a little animation on our character, and setting it on an appropriate background, we gave it our own version and were ready to run the world of cartoons!

Challenges we ran into

Giving animation to our cartoon character

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building the cartoons that we used to watch as kids, on our own

What we learned

We learned how to add animation and make the cartoon look realistic

What's next for Hagemaru

Adding more characters in it and make it on a larger scale

Built With

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