Hadoota leverages the intuitiveness of video editors, to deliver a software that enables authors to produce a non-linear as well as linear narrative, and the reader to have a unique reading experience.

Hadoota in its current stage works on text and online image content. However it's built with other media types in mind, example: videos.

Hadoota provides the author with means to create multiple versions of the same story, and adding meta-data to the story to give each reader a unique experience.

Hadoota Demonstrated: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtSibJr3YgfYxFidIalkVebVn-acgvMHn


  • Storylines to build a story with multiple paths/ends
  • Re-order scenes in a storyline
  • Preview panel to read the story as it's being authored
  • Automatic pagination of the story
  • Read story in Full Screen view mode (Reader's mode)
  • Build link in text, to link one scene to another
  • Tag each scene with interesting features, example: character, place, date, etc...
  • Mark bonus scenes. Those scenes appear based on reader's preferences
  • Enable reader to pick their favorite tags (characters, places, etc...) to unveil "bonus" scenes
  • Import library of text content
  • Edit library content in application

Why Hadoota?

  • Easy re-ordering of story content in the storyline, with real-time preview. Enables the author to have a look at different variations of the same story.
  • Tagging captures the readers preferences, and shows story content accordingly. The story is not the same for each reader. The tagging framework could be improved to enable the author to automatically tag story content.
  • Links to a child storyline, enables the author to provide the reader with multiple paths for the same story. Every reader gets to pick the story path, or simply can go with the default path.

List of future work includes, but not limited to: Invest in smart tagging (suggest tags automatically to the author) and components that enable the author to produce a good story. Support other media types, separate Reader application and easily sharing stories with friends, are on the list of future work as well.

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